Why Should You Use a Professional UAE Trademark Registration Company?

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Why Should You Use a Professional UAE Trademark Registration Company?

Entering the United Arab Emirates with your business might be tricky. Even the initial step – trademark search and registration might prove a challenge. If you considered doing it on your own, we would like to recommend a different perspective – using the services of a professional trademark registration company. Why do we believe that this is the better option? Learn the answer by reading this article.

Why do you need the assistance of specialists for your trademark registration in the UAE?

The evaluation process of the UAE trademark registration application is quite long. It takes 30 days to complete, yet it consists of 7 steps. Your application might get rejected on almost every one of them. This is why you need the help of experts.

A professional team will help you keep up with all the requirements. They will tell you how to file a successful UAE trademark registration application, and keep up with all the deadlines. Their knowledge and experience will help you achieve your aim – after all, the process is expensive, so having your trademark rejected might hit your company’s budget.

When can a trademark registration application be rejected in the UAE?

There are several reasons why your trademark registration attempt might get canceled. These are divided into:

Absolute grounds for refusal

These include any similarity to an existing trademark. You’ll need to conduct a through the UAE trademark search to avoid this issue.

Common grounds for refusal

There is a set of rules for common grounds of refusal. These include, for example, translations of the well-known international trademarks, using trademarks that are geographical names or are too generic, religious trademarks and many more – the list is quite lengthy, but professional trademark registration agencies know all the UAE restrictions.


There are many reasons why your trademark registration application in the UAE might be rejected. Professional trademark agencies know them all, so they can help you with the UAE trademark search and filing a successful application. This way, you can save money on applying repeatedly.

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